White widow buds

A couple years ago I purchased the white widow fem seeds. I ordered a 3 pack and only one sprouted. Nevertheless I can’t seem to find pictures of buds anywhere that look like these buds from this white widow. I have been cloning the plant but nothing has changed. The structure is the same. The nute use is the same. The feeding frequency is the same. I get rock hard buds and many of them. I’m just curious does anyone have pictures of finished buds from a white widow plant sourced from ILGM?Uploading…

This is ilgm White Widow bud, hope it helps …by the way your picture didn’t upload


Sweet! That’s exactly what I’m working with as well. Thank you for the picture. Bummer that picture didn’t load. It said 100% uploaded so I figured.

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and all my buds are a very light very sugary green the amount of try combs are incredible let me see if I can get another picture of finished product


Those are good looking. Are they from a different seed bank?

They are from ILGM white widow

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Would you happen to know why your widow is so white while my widow is so red? My buds look exactly like paranormans picture.


Always little popcorn buds. Always rock hard and dense, can’t even squeeze them. Thank you hog master. I’m beginning to think my white widow isn’t white widow to begin with.

…now you got me wondering too because mine are always red like that too (from the brown pistols) but in three generations they don’t look like that other bud above ?

I do about 3-6 plants a year total. I keep using clones from basically the same plant. Mine have never gave me a hog master bud.

Here’s my ILGM WW Auto

Mine are nearly there! Harvest next weekend


That’s nice! …maybe enter the bud of the month contest, I think I see a contender? :thumbsup:

That’s one super dense bud!

Bud of the month for sure! So much different to mine

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I might have made a mistake with that picture that could be a skunk bud I’m not exactly sure?

these are pictures of the white widow that I had intended to show you, dried and in a jar

… sorry for confusion but I’m just not positive I’m starting to think it’s skunk to be honest


So there’s a chance that my white widow isn’t white widow to begin with? ILGM touted it as a double xl producer. Based on the plant structure I can’t see it having huge buds. The most I’ve gotten cured off one was 4oz. I’ve got a DWC started with this mystery strain and if it’s anything like the other DWC that I do I expect it to be a pound plant.

this is my first 1 pound plant.


Sorry that was a skunk, this is the ilgm white widow (100% sure)

Nice plant…! I got around six ounces from one white widow


this is my white widow dry


@Num1bigguy thats an awesome plant. I was just going to ask you if you grew the pounder and different than the white widow?

There are guys growing white widow all over the ILGM forum and the only thing I’ve ever read about popcorn buds were from some of the sidebuds being a little popcorny (?) and that was most likely the result of light penetration, I’m guessing.

I’m a bit of an analytical person so when I see something like your talking about I can’t help but want to look at all aspects to see what could have been the cause and yes genetics are one possibility.Especially when I see the picture of your monster plant lol

Well they’re not the tightest of buds but they also have a substantial sativa percentage and they express it as expected

I agree, that one-pounder is a nice plant!

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