White widow buds

Actually the pounder is a blackwater kush strain. I like the kush strain but it was a poor producer. When I do it in DWC with a little lst and a top or two and the result is huge buds. I have one of these DWC started with the mystery strain It’s about a 4 month deal with these big dwc.

The small bud I posted a picture of was the top bud on a freshly completed and trimmed “white widow” I wish I had a good picture of one in flower. I do have one but for some reason it’s suffering from a powdery mildew spot on its leaves. I might post one of it to show all the bud sites but it’s just small popcorn buds everywhere.

I was following that it was not White Widow lot of talk about Blackwater somewhere else here recently, I’m going to look it up I’m not familiar with it

So I think my white widow looks like that other bud picture right under it, only I think mine’s manicure a little better?! lol no I’m just joking with you ! :smile:

This is some of my “white widow” ready for smoking. Can anyone tell me how to find out what I actually have, or is that next to impossible? Just looking for ideas so I can do some research on ways to make this strain (the one I have) flourish.


I just want to thank everyone for their input. I had emailed customer support to receive no reply. The “white widow” DWC I had started a month ago stalled and died. Since I know after seeing your widows that mine isn’t white widow and support doesn’t care I’m killing off this strain and going to shop a more reputable seed bank for new strains. Once again thank you! As for ILGM thank you for showing your failure as far as support goes. I emailed a month ago to no reply. I assume that since it’s been some time since I ordered that no one care. You got my money and in the end is all that matters. I live in Michigan where medical marijuana is legal. I will not recommend ILGM to anyone!

good luck with the new strains you try. 99% chance they will also produce popcorn buds. If you have only been able to grow tiny buds from the exact same seeds we all have, It is clear you are doing something different than the rest of us.

This is the only strain that I get these popcorn buds. There’s never a big widow cola like hog master. My widow looks like what paranorman thinks is skunk bud. I can’t imagine that with a 4,000 watt flower room and a separate veg clone area that I’m doing something wrong. Not to mention, of all my 10 different strains this is the only one that has the popcorn buds on it. So before you go off at the mouth Bryan make sure you have all the details. I firmly believe my white widow isn’t white widow at all and seeing these others buds confirms my suspicion.

My white widow from ILGM


nice bud you got there @Savingpvtviper!


@Savingpvtviper looking good and sticky icky! LOL Let the good times roll!


almost ready day 52 in flower


Out of the five I have grown all five of them look different but they taste the same and have the same affect on some of them like the autos that’s all I’m growing of white widow Is auto The frostiest in the best looking of made it I did start to finish on at 12:12 light cycle


what type of yield should I get from a white widow auto. I just harvested mine and I wonder if I did ok for my first grow.

How much did you end up with I have had 2 ounces come out of one 4 ounces out of one different just about every time

white widow ILGM

2 oz minimum each plant


stop. your making me drool . they are quite a lovely plant. enjoy

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One of my White Widows about 4 weeks out from harvest, she’s looking real pretty.


i call this one furby. heres what it looked like growing


Here is my WWA scrog grow 9 weeks from germination. one plant in a 2ft x 2ft x 6ft grow box.


1 plant at 9 weeks, that looks pretty good!