White Widow Autoflower growing issues after germination

From a fellow grower: Germination is decent but after cotyledons, usually no true leaves and then they die. I’ve gotten eight viable plants from 26 seeds, four were good but killed on a weird 120 degree 3 hour spell in September that nobody saw coming, the remaining two now ready to harvest planted at the beginning of August and two little ones planted in November. Maybe two more but they don’t look good and one with no true leaves that is dying. I am growing outdoors in San Luis Obispo, typically 70’s during the day and as low as 40 at night, usually 50 or so. I don’t want to grow indoors under lights, that’s why I bought auto flower. I start indoors in paper towels then small pots in the windowsill

This is not usually enough light for plants to create energy needed to grow properly for long.

This isn’t really ideal either.

Hard to say either is direct reason the grower is having troubles though. But if you have enough elements far enough outstanding of ideal conditions it’s difficult to be successful. When a new grower struggles with seedlings it’s a watering issue more times than not. I would suggest that customer joins the forum so we can have some discussion and hopefully get to the bottom of exactly what the problem is.