White Widow auto watering and nutes

First time grower and would like to get this right.
I am wondering if it is time to start watering and adding nutrients.
White Widow autoflower
24/0, 70deg and 50 humidity
potted in Fox Farms
Started showing leaves approx 10 days ago.
very little watering to this point


When they dry out water in a ring out from base of plant enough to retain some moisture. They arent ready for nutes quite yet, theres enough in happy frog


Very nice looking plant.
Good job with self restraint on watering. They do so well when not overwatered.

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Overwatering is never good, but you’re doing great!! Welcome to the community!!!

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Welcome aboard!

Welcome home!!!

Welcome aboard! You got a couple weeks until nutes are needed in FF soil. Maybe a cup of water every few days. May want to put a little riser under your pots so they don’t sit in the runoff water. Good luck and happy growing!

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Agreed totally.

Welcome to the forum, and happy growing. :v:

One week later and lots of growth. I have been watering 1cup every other day.
Is it time to increase water?
Is it time to start adding nutes? I have all the Bergman products fyi.
Very grateful for the advise on this forum!!

Fox Farms soil is usually fine for 4-6 weeks before nutrients are needed. I would suggest adding nutrients around week 4 in small doses but you may really not need it until the 6 week timeframe. Since she’s an autoflower, I’d have the bloom nutes at hand around that 6 week marker - she may start throwing pistils about the same time she starts showing you she’s hungry.

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