1st white widow auto

My 1st grow, i stunted the plant by overwatering, sprouted 11/29, cut it today, 8 inches tall, which is 1 8 inch bud, loaded whit frost. Im happy that i got 1 bud for 1st try. Thanks ILGM for support, cant wait to try it…

4 more seeds left, bound to get it right eventually


Here’s a suggestion that will help you be more successful next time, and keep in mind you need around 40 watts per square foot of light. If you’re not getting that, you may want to upgrade. This method is organic, simple, and effective. Get some fox farm happy frog soil, and solo cups. Moisten the soil, and fill the solo cup. Plant the seed directly into the soil (not very deep), spray a little water on it to settle the seed, and stick a baggie over the top to make a little greenhouse. Keep it warm, and it should break ground in about 3 or 4 days. Stick it under your light on low power, and don’t water until dry.
When seedling is as wide as the cup, transplant into pot of happy frog mixed with perlite, worm castings, and fox farm fruit and flower 4-9-3 per the instructions on the package. Then top dress with the fruit and flower after 6 weeks, then once a month after that. That’s it other than ph’ing your water. I also use a little bio thrive bloom during flowering. It’s organic as well.