White widow auto- troubleshoot

Issues are brown spotting on fan leaves, that are also turning yellow. On day 42 (week 6)
LED ge growlight
4:1 soil/ perlite medium
pH 6.5 (I use smartwater since its pH at 6.5)
cal-mag and bloom fertilizer by foxfarm (recommended dosages for both)
Had a little bit of wind and light burn at one point, which was quickly adjusted. Also, nitrogen toxcity early on.
I don’t water unless needed, and when I do, its about 20 oz a pop, plain water every 3rd watering.
I want to say phosphorus deficiency but it seems like it could be multiple issues.


Normal to lose old growth at this point. Nice plant

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Its definitely normal to lose a few leaves by this point. As longas ur following the blooms recommendation, ur fine.

Also when u add nutes to water, the pH changes. Have u been readjusting after adding your supplements?


Yes. When I add the plain water, I check the pH run off, its always a consistent 6.5. I also want to note that when I was adding the nutes in the beginning, I would check the pH. 6.5 constant.

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Its my first solo grow with this strain. So there are plenty of uncertainties.


You shouldn’t be losing any leaves at all, they should all be healthy green if the plant is being fed right. You might lose some towards the end of flowering depending on the strain, but it is 100 percent not normal to be having leaves changing color and dying at this point in the grow. What brand is the soil that you are using? Is it something like ocean forest that has nutrients in it for 4-6 weeks? Are you using a dry fertilizer or are you using the tiger bloom? You need more than just the tiger bloom to keep the plant fed. You feed the grow big up until the end of the 5th week of flower. You feed the big bloom from start to finish and the tiger bloom at the beginning of flowering to the end. Which of these are you using? You likely need more water as well. You want to water it until it is coming out the bottom. With fox farm half strength of everything and alternate water, feed, water feed. Only water when the soil dry’s out which is usually every other day in flowering depending on the container size.

Welcome aboard. Big fat buds. Most likely she is eating them as mentioned above. Plants look good. Stacked well.

I have always used plain dirt that I mix perlite with. My feeling is the natural qualities of dirt (the assorted micro nutrients) are important. The brand is sta green, but it’s just plain dirt
The fertilizer is worm castings. I first time I used it was at germination and the last time I put any down was start of week three. The reasoning is because it takes a week or so to break down and get to the plant.
The rest is synthetic and I follow the instructions to a tee. It’s fox farm brand. Picture included.
Also, it’s white widow auto.

If I water on a more regular basis, wouldn’t I have the be concerned with fungus gnats? Considering it’s natural soil with extended period of moisture?

By natural soil do you mean soil from outside, or organic soil. The bottles of what you have in the picture there are not what you need at all. Bembe is a sweetner and not a bloom booster. You need the trio if using foz farm as that doesn’t have any of what you need at all. As far as watering goes you water until a little comes out the bottom and then let it dry out a bit and when the pot starts to lighten up you water again and feed every other watering.

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The soil is just that, soil from a bag that you can get at any big box store. its not potting mix or anything with any additional nutrients other than what nature gave it.
When I water, I water a little and then I usually wait 15 minutes before I watering a little more. I want to make sure all the soil and roots get touched.
I guess I need to go out and get the correct bloom fertilizer.

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Did you ever get them back on track? Should have harvested by now