White Widow Auto Hermie?

Hi All, I have a white widow auto and im pretty sure its a hermie. Just want a a few more opinions on this. First grow with ILGM seeds. Thanks.

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I dont think so.
Just a nice fat female calyx - Note the hairs coming from them.


That’s not a herm Bud

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As @Spiney_norman said it’s just a nice fat swollen calyx!!! :+1::+1::+1:


I would have to agree with both above :point_up: :+1: :v:

Its looks like a girl to me

I found this pic. Male flowers usually have a little stem on them too.


Cool. Thanks. Just checking.

And welcome to the forum too.

Thanks, I guess i have imbibed a little to much today cause when i look at them now all i can say is DUH. Thanks All.

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@DinodawgI have a hard time telling the difference as well

We are all learning too.
Welcome to the forum

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Welcome to the Forum, I made the same mistake, when it happened to me, thank god I asked before I culled it.