White Widow auto grow 2020

Started October 11,2020. 4 girls showed themselves, they are in 3 gallon fabric pots. A 5x5x8 tent,2 HLG V2 100 3000K quantum boards( soon to get 2 more for the next batch, to be continued. For ventilation I have a 400 CFM fan exhausting the air out,1 6in monkey fan, 1 12in oscillating fan, humidifier/ dehumidifier, heater. A humidity/dehumidifier Inkbird controller, a speed controller for the inline fan.

As of today November 26,2020, they are a little over 6 weeks from seed

So here’s the girls:


image image image image image image image


Looks like you are doing well! You have room to run more plants or try photos and vegging them out a little longer on your next grow. I would consider giving either a shot in order to produce bigger harvest.

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I have more White Widow auto seeds to grow might throw more into the tent, maybe a better outcome on the next grow. I definitely took notes and always will. after that i will be growing my fav Blue Dream