White Widow Auto Journal 1

2ND Grow, 1st grow journal! Help a girl out. Loves tips & advice :slight_smile: Here we go…

Using White Widow Auto Fem.
Happy frog potting soil
No nutes, yet!
600w HydroMars & 3×4ish grow tent.
Fans for vent.
Humidity around 40, temp around 70

The beginning…
I germinated for almost 4 days, I know. Little long but its okay.

The little guys sprouted, this is maybe 3 days into seedling…

And here i am on day 10.

I had to put a stick in to help this stem…

Any advice on that?

Thanks for reading.
Happy growing xoxo


you planning on doing any LST? Do you mind if i tag along ? :smiley:

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I’ll tag along if you don’t mind, looking great so far

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You can build up the soil around the base a little more to help sturdy her up a bit😉


I did the same with my WW at that age. In a couple weeks the stem will thicken out and it won’t need the support. Looks good!

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I squeeze the bottom stem just a little. If you plan on topping, do it in the next week. Coco coir best for autos, they grow faster. I’ve pulled an lb off one wwa


seedling and vegging plants like it like a jungle man. get that RH% up if you can over 50% that will help. you are going to need more light. I grow in a 2x4 tent and use 2 marshydro ts1000s. the little 600 might get them through veg but you need more light for flower. your plants look healthy and happy, keep it up…


They look like they are chugging along congrats. It’s all down hill after germ, hard parts over. LoL joking ofcourse but some have issues with germ’n but they look very happy for 10 days focusing on that root system. Like Axe said up the humidity a little and thats about it. Nice job

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THANK YOU seems like common sense but didn’t even come to mind when trouble shooting it alone lol

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Thank you for your reply! See, I was afraid of things like light burn. So I got the 600. Would it make a huge difference if I bought another light? Or could I just add the 1000w to the tent along with the 600?

I’m also trying to slightly stay on a budget. But if it makes a HUGE difference something to consider

Adding more light will make a huge difference. Truthfully you should be running the ts3000 in a 3x4 tent. Thats 12 sq ft. It sucks just starting out. Get the lights you can afford as you can and before you know it you will have what you need. So yeah if you can get the ts1000 now get it. Save a bit and get another then, before long you will be rocking. Also check out other lights, hlg, spiderfarmer, a buddy I know is killing it with parfactworks, something qb style. Have fun and good luck.

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These look lovely @anon47475595 :hushed::hushed::hushed:
Mind if I tag along for the journey? I’d love to watch these progress!
CJ. :v:

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@HornHead Nice buds, man! :heart_eyes:

Okayyy just started adding fox farms nutes! They’re moving right along.


Topped 2/4 of my plants


Hey @HornHead which coco coir did you use? I am thinking about ditching the FFOF for the autos next time

AND HERE WE GO. Needing help. @CalamityJane @axemanjake23 @FreshGrowmie @Oldschool82 @RippedUrchin @whoevercanhelppppp lol
I topped 2 of my plants
Never done that before… I believe I FIMmed one.

#1 seems fimmed and #3 topped

Is #3 suppose to look like that? Little blackish on the stem part??

And here’s #1

Just different…

And look how bmtall my other 2 are!..

I know topping slows it down. Am I doing it right?


I am very new to this myself but it looks like you are doing an awesome job. When I topped mines the steam gets dark just like that too

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Hey hey @anon47475595

I know some people choose to top/fin their autos whereas others might think it’s risky due to their shorter life span.
I have personally not tried either with my grow so I’m prob not in the best position to give advice here.

But hey, they’re still alive so you can’t have done anything too bad! :joy:

Assume next move is LST?

CJ. :v:

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I have topped autos with great results. Your ladies look healthy.