White Widow auto... buds seem to all have seeds?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“White Widow autoflower. The bud’s seem to all have seeds? Do you know why this is happening?”

Is it possible that they are getting stressed some how? Such as light leaks in dark cycle, several transplants

Or, they got pollinated by someone who had a male upwind. …

Yea great point @Myfriendis410

@Majiktoker, I was going to say: some inconsiderate ba$!#rd but that wouldn’t be polite lol.

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Yea better said the first way

So, an auto flower can turn to seed if stressed? Good to know. I am always amazed at the tidbits of info I pick up just by poking my head into a topic. Love this forum. :heart:

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Any plant can seed if stressed at the wrong time

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