Will stress seeds grow?

Hello everybody. I recently harvested 10 autoflower plants with the outcome I hoped for. I had a few stems bend and I tied them up of course. In a few of the buds I have found green seeds, and just a few. My question is this: are those seeds viable seeds and will they carry on the same feminized autoflower features of the parent plant?

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I found one as well. Tried to get it to germinate but failed miserably :sleepy:. Be interesting to see what the more experienced peeps say :sunglasses:

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If they grow, I might stress a few branches on each new grow.

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I might’ve been unlucky but get the feeling it’s more than that. Going to tag along and see what the general opinion is :sunglasses:

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If you let an auto out to fully mature it’s pretty common to find a seed or two. But green probably means not viable.


Green seeds haven’t had the time to mature so they are a waste.


My last grow I had 1 huge light brown seed. I soaked it and threw it in some ffhf yesterday

I did the exact same thing… lol and same dirt. :slight_smile: