White Widow and Silver Haze, indoors

Sledgehammer was done last Friday, Nov 14th. No ill effects. Today they needed water so I mixed up a gallon of the Fox Farm week 5 nutrients and added 2 cups to each plant. (They really don’t ever seem to need much water. If I have to, I can always add more plain water.)

My mouth waters every time I go into the tent and I keep smelling my hands and wondering if I can lick off the resin. The picture below is what they look like without the LED lights. Note the back right plant is tallest. I think it’s been reaching toward the HPS light which is much higher than the LED’s. It’s mostly there to keep the temperature regulated.

We’re two days shy of two weeks of flowering. The only quality test I’ve done is with the trimmings from the bottom. I used a vaporizer. It reminds me of when I was in high school smoking flake and pipe scrapings. It’s got a little kick and puts me right to sleep at night. (White Widow)

I am really pleased with how it’s gone so far. I do have to give credit to my wife. She’s very competitive and has taken ownership of two of the plants. She’s not a pothead like me, so it’s purely a horticulture hobby for her. She jokingly complains about the odor whenever I open the tent. “I hope nobody comes to visit right now.” is her favorite complaint.

I also have to give credit to myself. I haven’t mutilated the plants in order to stay high.

Oh yes. I noticed one thing of some concern. When I mixed the nutrients in the distilled water, the resulting PH of the liquid is 5. I may try mixing a gallon with tap water to see what the PH is then.

Time to turn the music back on for the grow tent. Today it’s a little Joe Bonamassa and Beth Hart…

After two weeks of flowering. I love the way my hands smell after I check the girls out…

I know, I should probably wear gloves, but where’s the fun in that?

The music today is going to be Neil Young, The Winter brothers, and Pink Floyd…

Mixed nutrients again today. Used plain tap water (PH 7.9 before mixing - PH 7.1 after mixing.) 2 cups per plant. Sprinkled sulfur before pouring. checked PH a couple of hours later, 6.4 - 6.7 range, all plants.

It’s a bit warm in the tent today, can’t seem to get it below 81 F. Removed the homemade humidifier. Turned off the HPS for a while, got it down to 75.

The HPS is primarily in the tent to provide heat, but when it comes to light, more is better. I’d like to be able to leave it on all the time. Actually, I’d like to be able to turn it up past 50% without broiling the girls. But then will I be giving up the heating element on really cold days? Nights I have a heater near the intake hose that. I also have a string and pully set up that I can lift the hose off the floor and get it into the warmer upper air when I need to. That’s how I keep the girls from shivering at night.

I’ve added a “cooling” fixture to my Christmas List. I’ve got plenty of hose to hook up to it.

Okay, now for a weird thing. I know, it’s impossible to see the plants grow. They grow too slow. But, two hours after I fed them, I can no longer see the bottom of my thermometer in the camera I’ve got set up. The camera can’t move up or down. It’s in the same spot. But it’s almost like the plants have grown a half inch in two hours.

No, I haven’t been “sampling” the buds yet. :wink: I am patient enough to wait until January.

At least I keep telling myself that.

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Hey! Nice looking grow. :slight_smile: I don’t spend as much time in Grow Journals; So, I thought I would check in. Very nice job. I love what you have done with the place :mrgreen:

Old goat, You and I seem to think alike. I to have music playing for my ladies…lol Your grow looks awesome.
Every time I go into my grow room I get hit with heaven brother. When I leave I can still smell my ladies…lol
This is a pic of two of my ladies. I took a sample form each and dried them in the oven for 1 hour. They are just about ready i’em flushing them and should be ready for harvest after Thankfgiving.


Tha’s a “FATTY” :mrgreen:

It’s been a really busy week. Had two plants start to get some brown spots on the leaves. One plant was pretty bad. I decided to test my drying capability with the bad one. The other I’ve flushed with SledgeHammer and am going to see if I can nurse it back. Both plants are White Widows.

At first I thought temperature was the culprit. I rearranged the air intake to alleviate cold air blowing on the plants. This didn’t make any change and when I realized that even the newest growth was affected we flushed it.

All the others are doing very well.

The one plant that I started to dry has become an experiment of sorts. I hung dry it, then paper bagged it, now it’s in an air tight container. Each day I let it breathe a couple of times. I’ve tested the tiny buds every night since this happened. I’m impressed with the way it seems to be getting more potent as the days move by.

I spent three and a half hours in front of the TV last night. When I finally went to bed, I slept through the night better than I have in a long time.

Otherwise, found a dead mouse on top of my thermo/hygrometer setup. I’m thinking maybe my wife is playing a trick because I have seen absolutely no sign of rodents before this. But, I’ll keep watching.

For a moment I thought maybe Mickey wasn’t dead but just stoned.

After four weeks of flowering, this White Widow is every inch a lady. Tomorrow I’ll post some pictures of the best looking Super Silver Haze.

Say Oldgoat …You are write that White Widow is all LADIE alright SWEEEET ! I hope my ladies look as good at 4 weeks of flower Good job brother


Looks nice.:slight_smile:

To all of you from my wife and I, is a wish for you to have a happy time during whichever Holiday you observe. Here, we have a “tree” to celebrate the longest night of the year.

Beautiful sight oldgoat. Howe tall do you figure she is.

She’s 28 inches from soil to crown. Not a tall girl. Her sister is 31 inches. The “pots” I’m using add another 12 inches. Not having grown inside before, I didn’t take any chances on these ladies getting too tall. Knowing what I do now, my next grow gets two more weeks of Veg for the Super Silver Haze, four more weeks for the White Widow.

My biggest complaint about my LED lights is that I can’t get them any higher. If I could, I’d add two more weeks to that schedule.

I’m looking at all aspects of this grow and we think we’ve got enough information to improve a lot. I’m hoping to almost double the yield next time.

Here are some more family photos…

Windoze 8, not for stoners…

Oldgoat, Thank You and you wife for the kind thoughts and you the both of you have best Longest Night.

Now the next 3 pic’s where taken with my 1.3 mega pixtl digital microscope that I just got the other day. and I had to go an find a program that would import video and then when on the hunt for software that would convert video to pictures and this is what I got…this is my White Widow … What do you think?


Frosty!!! Very nice Will.

Mouth watering pictures. :wink:

To bad we can’t share…lol
I’em going to flip my 20 ladies Wensday…and pull my white Widow and Big Bud.
Then I’ll bring in the other 1000 watt bulb into the grow tent and I’ll have 2 1000 watt bulbs on my ladies. I’ll have to keep a good watch out for increased heat…I have two good 6" pipe fans that should take care of any heat overdose…We shall see


It would be nice to. Will your about done with yours and old goat and I’ve have a couple more weeks. Can’t wait, though I will admit I took a couple small buds from a branch that was hanging in the dirt. I cut it so I had a little taste. Harsh to smoke but damn. It’s been a while. Any way here’s a couple of mine.

I did the same thing Mikea…I just couldn’t help it…LOL
And then went back for more…LOL
But I’em better now !
Great looking Ladies Mikea…all that hard work is going to payoff for all of us.
And with the support you get here We can’t lose…and I take my hat off to these fokes.