White widow AF height question

I went through that also on my first grow but mine were 36” tall and just made it with slight light burn but you probably need to cut them back somehow but you need advice from a more experienced grower on exactly how to do that. I know it’s frustrating because you would of 12-12 a while ago :+1:

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Absolutely would have gone to 12/12.
And I absolutely want to say this is all my fault.
I went back and looked at my purchase and I bought white widow, not autos. But now I know for the next 15 seeds,lol.
Can anybody help on how to trim these girls or cut them back because some of them are above my light. Thanks for the help bud. I appreciate it. :slight_smile:

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I would try LST as best you can… bend the branches best you can without breaking and tie them off… try to get more light to the bottoms as well…