White Wide auto

What do you guys think? Harvest time?

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Looking good Growmie, 2.5-3 weeks in my opinion :love_you_gesture:


Other concern is, they are not smelling as strong as they were a few days ago. Its been about 60 days total from seedling to now. Thanks guys. I hate being a rookie at this, ive got three plants going now. Thanks again everyone…

Agree that you have at least 3 weeks to go.

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You probably have 3 to 5 weeks left. All the white pistils says this time frame. Patience is a must have when growing the green herb. You will want to a have a bud wash at the end. The first photo has a bunch of hairs or whatever it is on the top bud. To thin to be pistils. :+1:


Ahhh, i bet the white hair is from my basset hound, good eye!!

Yep, I see black, brown and white hairs.

Lots of 'em.


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Washing is the way to go. I do all my grows now.

I will do a wash for sure. Iam at 9 and a half weeks from seedlings… what do think?

you guys think. Still wait till week 14 to harvest?

Starting to look close to me. I’d be watching trichomes close.