I feel like they stopped growing the past 3 weeks

This is my 1st grow. I need opinions guys. I dont know whether to leave them or cut them. They are going on 18 weeks. 2 females and 1 autoflower. They have been on 12 12 for the past 10 weeks. Here’s my progress… it’s a white widow from ILGM.

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You still white pistols. Can you get a picture of some trichomes? Thanks


At 10 weeks since 12/12 and a 2-3 week transition time.
That’d be 7-8 weeks of flowering. This is when they start to swell.
I’d give them another couple weeks to let them fatten up a bit.
Still lots of white pistils too.


@jmaugz94; I agree with @AutoMattik and @Oldguy still alot of white pistils.

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