White spots on alot of my plant leaves

I have attached an image of the problem I am having with my plants. Could someone tell me what I am doing wrong or what the plants need? Why are the leaves getting the little white spots?



Powdery mildew?

Yea, I agree looks like white powder mildew.

Check for thrips. They like to hide, very small, but look like small caterpillars. They look like small white to grey torpedoes. They like to hide in the same directions as the leaf veins.

Captains Jacks dead bug will kill them after a few applications. Or spinosad equivalent product.

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I agree with Thrip or maybe spider mites, either way, Captain Jacks will work. I’m using it now for spider mites.

Thank you, this exactly what it is. I got out my micro glass & could barely see them. They are black instead of what most pics show, that is why I didn’t think they were thrips. I have started an organic treatment with SNS 209 & BioDynamic herbs, also Diatomacious Earth. It takes longer, but I’m as organic as I can get.

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