White fuzz; kiss of death!

My clones contracted a white fuzz at the base of the terminal step which has destroyed my clones. Apparently, this fungus liquifies the stem from the inside out. Any thoughts? Remedy’s?
Probably a losing battle! Think I cross contaminated them with old foam inserts. Should I replace the inserts everytime I start a new clone batch to avoid cross contamination? And what the hell is this white fuzz? Kiss of death for clones!

Did you get a photo?

Looks like some stem rot. Can you tell us about your cloner there?


I wash my pucks in dishsoap and water everytime I use them to avoid such issues.

Dish soap isnt a sanitizer. Bleach or ajax(also chlorite). In the clones solution 3%peroxide. Do you bubble your clones enough? Need to keep it oxygenated.

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Cloner is a Turbo Cloner. Does an awesome job.

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I use insecticital dishsoap. Its ultra palmolive antibacterial hand and dish soap. I should have mentioned that. It kills bacteria