White fly infestation

Ive had bunch of what i guess it white flys. You shake the plant looks like white knats fly off. Ive treated 2 times with soup and water. Then i used fungicide3 3 times doesnt seem to be touching them at all. Any suggestions i live in illinois so i still got a month of grow left i hope.

Captain Jack’s Dead Bug. No gnats this year…


Yea pretty sure they are white flys.

Haven’t had any of those either…

Captain Jacks seems to work on most every thing I use it during the whole grow. No bugs.

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They’re probably there for the soup :laughing:

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That’s pretty guy for a white fly


It depends how far you are into flower but I have you used a tablespoon of clear unscented dawn dish soap with the recommended dosage of Captain Jack’s neem oil mixed together with RO water. It’s the only thing that’s help me with white flies. Dr zymes also works pretty good but either product you use it’s good to put one tablespoon of the Dawn dish soap because it helps to smother them and kill the babies You need to do it every other day for at least a week or two It takes a while to completely eradicate them but if you diligent you can get it done. Hope this helps :potted_plant::potted_plant::potted_plant::heart::100:


Thank you