Very small flies/gnats?

So Ive only been growing about a year and a half, this will be my fourth harvest.

Started this plant in June, i grow in a grow tent thats place in a small 6×6 wing of a room that does have its own lil microclimate ive learned in my apartment and is much closer to the conditions outside, than my heat/ac running.

Ive admittedly been rather lazy with this plant, havent even trimmed it, just water and even that ive missed more than i should have the first month, but finally got my together the last 2 weeks and been on top of it.

I noticed in this time that the soil is staying damp far longer than ive ever seen it before. Im sure fact the canopy is crazy thick as ive not trimmed has contributed.

But our weather has been extremely humid this year, everytime i check my monitor the humidity is over 70%, usually higher.

Ive got no clue what these things are when i opened the tent but its almost like the beginning of a fruit fly infestation.

Does anyone have advice on an efficient way for getting rid of these things? Also, i was running my filter off or at the lowest setting at this point so perhaps that contributed. I cranked it now, im sure it will spit them out but i barely use thay room as a whole so i can quarantine it.

And also is their anything more i should do to prevent this? I’ve never had any issues of the like, keep the grow space clean, no standing water or anything. Only thing different from all previous grows i can pin point is the soil staying very damp for like 2 days and im putting a half galloon in tops in a day.

Sorry for writing so much, just trying to give all the details for anyone patient enough to read all that. And if you don’t read it, i dont blame you

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Do they look like this? I got whiteflies on my first grow. Been spraying with growers ally crop defender 3 weekly. Still got em.

On my non flowering plants I used bonide garden dust. Flies gone.


Seems to me you giving 1/2 gal a day is the problem need to let the medium dry out more

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Captain jacks bead bug is great for above soil treatment, mosquito bits and DE work great for soil bearing pest :love_you_gesture:

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Half galloon every 3-4 days? It honestly is probably closer to a quarter for most of that time period i just didnt want to write more. The plant was yellowing because of the lack of nutrients and water in my opinion and now it looks healthy to my eye.

I will def do that, let it dry out more. I dont puddle it up when i water. It’s just been rather bizarre how long it is taking to dry out. Thats where my confusion is, but its rather out of my control other than cutting back the amount.


Thank you and thanks @OGIncognito i will defintely look at the two products you said worked

The flies looked darker but im too lazy and blazed to go back in there and again. Theyre probably lighter. Ill just spray them down.

Much appreciated

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Water til run off, fans going, exhaust fan?

I agree with @OGIncognito Jack’s dead bug is kick butt on bugs. can use it thru flower

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If they look like fruit flies they are probably fungus gnats. Fungus gnats are a common problem. They don’t eat leaves or bother the buds, but the larvae are laid in the soil where they consume the good fungus in the soil. Again, it won’t harm plants unless you have a major infestation in which case, after consuming the fungus in the soil they start in on the roots. When the consume roots they can harm the plants.

Lucky they are very easy to get rid of. Get some Mosquito Bits and sprinkle a few on top of every plant you have in the house. After a few weeks, no more fungus gnats. If you fail to do your house plants, they can continue to give the gnats a place to lay their eggs.

Mosquito Bits can also be bought in most big box nursery centers.