White bumps on the base of stems need help

I’m about 2 months into my grow and my plants are growing good amnesia haze autoflower but I noticed that I have white bumps on the base of stems on both girls rest of the plant looks healthy after a few minor setbacks the white bumps are just at the base of stems below the first set of leaves is this a problem I should be concerned with or is it something natural that happens sometimes ?

Pic plz

That is best I can do


I’ve seen those on all of my plant. Not something to worry about.


Might be starts to roots

i transplanted over a week ago just noticed them when I was checking them this morning but the soil just settled from watering that’s when I noticed them

I bet you there new roots from where it was covered with dirt

like those white bumps

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Yea exactly like that

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I bet that is it it just thought it was going to start growing roots there then stopped i noticed this on mine where the nutrient would get on some of the stock

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Ya no worries

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Good was a little concerned at first

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Clones do this right before new roots start. They are exactly right about new roots that were covered with soil.

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