Whirled phyllotaxy

Hello everyone. So i grow 2 girls outside every year. This year i have a mutant. She has 3 branches at each node. Apparently its called whirled phyllotaxy? I was just wondering how i should train it? The manifold/main-line method is what method i normally use. Is there a special way to train these types of mutations specifically? Or should i just let this one grow? Any help would be appreciated? Processing: 1000007058.jpg…
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These result from a plant that is a polyploid. I’ve grown a couple of them. As far as training - it will be a challenge. Polyploids put out all kinds of growth that isn’t normal. You have to keep ahead of them.

Your pics didn’t upload.


Looks like a triploid. They are really cool, but watch for the stems to get flat. Just something that happens to polyploids sometimes. Can also be bushy as all get out. Looks really cool!!!


I’m traveling and don’t have access to my usual pics, but I’ll post a few clips of my polyploids when I get home. They can get interesting.

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Oh yea… funky funky! Youll have fun with her…

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Here are a few pics of one of the polyploids I grew out. It was interesting that the main stalk looked like a piece of celery instead of being rounded. You can see that she was throwing out all kinds of foliage from strange places. This particular plant required a LOT of trimming. She nearly choked to death on her own foliage early in the grow. You can see in the last pic that she also topped herself.


Super cool!!!

Does anyone think I could just keep removing the 3rd branch and just train normally?

This is a Crazy Looking Stalk it’s a Fast Version Sugar Haze plant first time growing this strain