Which T5 light should I get?

I would like to use T5 Fluorescent only for seedlings then I’ll move them to a 1000 Watt LED., I’m only starting with 2 seeds, So My questions are

What kind of T5 Lights should I get in terms of wattage and size? would this work, Robot or human?

And how long should I keep T5 Lights on the seedlings before turning on the 1000w LED?


Depends on how many plants you’re growing. I use a DIY fixture made from 5 of the sunblaster T5s and use them all the way until flower.

They sure have gone up in price. I paid $25 a piece for 3 of my sunblaster lights and found 2 more for $12 each at habitat for humanity @weedify

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I bought a 84 watt LED light that is great for germination/seedlings.

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The t5 ho (high output) produce the most lumens with a low power draw. I use a 4’ 4 tube fixture that consumes 220w from the wall. I use this light to grow plants from start to finish. I start with 3 6500k bulbs and 1 2700k and leave them in until after the stretch and then change to 3 2700k and 1 6500k for the remainder of the flowering period. It works well in my situation. Keep the fitting close to the tops of the plants and they will be short and compact. good luck.

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