HP 4’ 8 Tube T5 grow lamp

A question of a fellow grower:
I purchased a HP 4’ 8 Tube T5 grow lamp to put in my grow room with a 200 watt LED light. Will this be too much light or a waste of time to purchase this kind of light?

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If they fit and but t5 are mostly for seeding clones. Are u getting another light or that’s a u have to use

one reason t5 flors are used for germ and seedlings is that they don’t have much penetration when the plants grow up. florescents are good lights but you have to look at their positives and negatives. i am sure there are some on here who are using only flors for their grow, but mostly you will see folks using quantum board LEDs, high press sodium, metal halide, ceramic metal halide, and cob led’s for their veg and flowering. regular LEDs work but you have to be careful, their is a lot of mis-leading info out there on the “cheap” LEDs ( some call them Blurples) i was going to do LED for my grow but the guys on here talked me out of the one i was going to use. it didn’t have enough oomph to do 4 plants in a tent.


That will definitely get you started. What brand is your 200 watt LED?
@dbrn32 may answer your lighting questions when he gets time. He’s a busy guy helping a lot of us with our lighting needs and questions.


How big is the space? 8 bulb t5 fixture really good for vegging up to 4x4 space with cold white bulbs. Typical 300w led would be good in a 2x2 space.