T 5 or T12 (2×4 ceiling fixture)

Came across some free fixtures. T5 in the one that has 6 small lights. 2x4 fixture.
Thanks! Not sure if the bulbs available for this is suitable to grow correctly.

A T5 or T8, in my experience, works. I would wave off on the T12.


I veg for the first few weeks with a 4 bulb T-5 with 6500k bulbs. Works great


Free T5’s with 6400k/6500k bulbs are great vegging lights like said above

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Thanks y’all! I appreciate it. I was just about to ask specifically from veg to flower ( using 4 bulb t5 2x4 fixture) and by the way it’s the 6 bulb t5. Thanks for which brightness @Nicky. @Watt-Sun but your saying it won’t be sufficient or really adequate to grow all the way through and just change bulbs when I get into flower (months from now). Still seedlings just getting in to veg.
@KeystoneCops could you weigh in please since you’ve saw my last post.
Thanks again!

A T5 will grow weed but your yield will be low and buds will be airy . You can switch out the bulbs at flower for a lower one like 2700k .


Flowering in cfl is not recommended, take the time to save for a flowering light or better yet build one…

Cfl has terrible light penetration and low intensity so LED’s are much preferred Flor flowering they also produce more cabanoids and thus stronger weed.
Since you have the veg lights you can focus on a farther right light such as a 3000k fixture
Two HLG 260w panels would be perfect in rspec.

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Just go make sure. Veg lights at 6500k 6 bulbs in each fixture about 20in above. Then flowering switch to just a new light set up. Anybody that can give me a link to a sure enough flowering light.
Growing :Bruce banner, Black Widow, Skywalker
2 of each soo… 6 plants total. How many of what ant what height. Will post picks soon

No 20 inches is way to far for CFL’s, try 6inches is more like it

If your budget is limited these are on sale, two of these would be ideal for your 4x4 get them in 3000k

If you can afford a bit more the rspec will give you better results so two of these instead.

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I grew these WWA with an 8 lamp Quantum T5 using PowerVeg Full Spectrum/UV and 2900k



Your thinking a decent grow with 2 of either of these taking on 6 plants?

That looks like some dank. Full spectrum in veg. Then 2900k bulbs for flower? I’m an electrician just don’t work much with florescent

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I ran (4) 54 watt FS+UV and (4) 54 watt 6500k. Switched the 6500 for 2900 at bloom :+1:t2:

Yes, the Rspec bottom link is better suited but costs more.

CFL’s can grow bud but it’s often sub par, loose buds with lower cannabinoid levels compared to LED’s, CFL’s have terrible light penetration after 6 inches while LED’s don’t.
If you don’t have the space for two tents just start with the T5’s so you can buy the LED’s and then you can decide if you want to swap the light fixtures for when you veg vs flower until you get another tent or if you just want to grow seed to harvest under the LED’s.
Since we are picture sharing I’ll show you what I harvested last under my LED’s
Lemon potion auto (cbd 2:1 thc)

And this is from my HLG

T5HO= +/- 95 lumens per watt, 54 watt bulb 5000 lumens

T12= 65 lumens per watt, 40 watt bulb 2600 lumens.

If you’re stuck with fluorescent go with T5 high output. Like the others said you want cold white for veg and warm white for flowering.


Noteable note - an 8 lamp T5 (432ish watts) in a 2x4x6’ tent raises temps about 12 degrees over ambient.

They can produce some heat, just not as extreme as HID. :metal::slightly_smiling_face:

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That really is man. That’s some heat to deal with.

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Would LEDS just be that much better of an option then because of the heat. I’m using a 8x10×8 ft tall @Poseidon. I will have a vent on top that pulls 50 cfs. With that space were talking how bad is the temp going to be to battle. @KeystoneCops @Poseidon @Watt-Sun
Il have the ac on and the hot air pulling out but just new at this.

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If you can swing it , the ideal way to set up for heat control would be a 4” inline fan at the top of your space connected to a temp control like the inkbird controllers on Amazon. Usually a passive air intake at the bottom of your space is enough to allow cooler fresh air in. Even LED lights can throw off some pretty good heat but is definitely the most
Manageable compared to HID. Honestly the best way to see if something is going to work is to try it and tweek it. I’ve changed my set up a dozen times since I started growing. :v:

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