Will these do anything for me

i have 3 of these


They will veg. But I wouldn’t depend on those to produce well in flower.

What color bulbs are in them?

thank you so much. trying to get this newbie going. any suggestions on a budget friendly flower light.

bobbydigital, white

I mean the color temp. 6500k, 5000k, 4000k, etc

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oh shoot, sorry for the misunderstanding. let me look

6500k daylight

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Yeah, they should veg some plants for you. Will need to go another route for flower as Druid stated.


thanks so much yall

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T5 florescent is great for vegging but I think you’d need a different light for flowering. @dbrn32 is our resident lighting expert he will notice the “tag” you can do that by typing the @ symbol in front of the screen name

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@Dwalk I used a T5 HO light when I first started growing. Had 6500k and 3000k bulbs yes it grew plants I got maybe 3 or 4 grams LOL.

I agree, for best results you will want more light for flowering.

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I normaly use them to germinate then go outside but winter has been long and had an auto was just going to try my hand at it. @dbrn32 can you suggest a decent light at a decent price for 1 or 2 plants. Dang I feel like i was in trouble had to wait 24hr to post again because im a newb.

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How big is your grow space? For most a 2x2 space would be suitable for a single plant. I tell most to get something like a qb 135 kit for that, they run about $200 maybe little less with coupon code. There are some knock offs you can get a little cheaper, but I have no idea which are “good” or those you should stay away from. For two plants a 2x3 or 2x4 would be good. Those obviously bigger spaces require more light, so prices go up. But you should have an idea of plant size too and not just plant count. You could grow four really small plants in a 2x2 if you wanted, or veg for long time and have 1 plant fill a 4x4. Once you know desired canopy size is a lot easier to select a light.

Outside of finding a special deal or someone flat out bs’ing about their light, you’re going to get performance level you pay for. I know there’s a ton of lights on Amazon and ebay sub $100 that advertise plenty good for these spaces. They’re not going to give you the grows that lights I suggested will.

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@dbrn32, thank you so much. what size tent will the qb 135 kit work in. will it work in a 2x2 or 3x2. Prolly stupid question but im looki g at tents also.

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Better light for a 2x2. For 2x3 you would want little larger light.

@dbrn32 is bestva a decent brand on lights?

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Not the models I’m familiar with. The ones I have seen are typical rebranded fixture mass produced out of China.