Best light to use for Bloom

Hello I’ve currently been vegging my plants for about 4 months now and they are almost the size I want them to be to bloom. Now I have a t5 and was wondering recommendations on bulbs to use on that. I have 4 plants in about a 6x4 space. Would love to hear everyone’s recommendations!

Sounds like you are new and so am I . More experienced people will reply and they will ask for more info. My first question is how much height you have available, if you have been growing for 4 months your plants should be fairly tall. Most growers use hps or LED. HPS lights depending on the wattage will need to be 24 to 36 inches above the canopy. LED can be closer because they put out less heat, so the the height you have available needs to be considered. I use HPS they get extemely warm. There is info about lights on this site somewhere and will help in your decision.600 watt hps coverage 4 by 4, 1000 watt hps 5 by 5 and the higher watt is supposed to yield more, experienced growers 1 gram per watt in a 3 by 3 area.( i believe that is correct if not someone will let us know when they read this) My plants are 3 months old and inside the tent i fear I will not have enough height. I can not raise my lights any higher. Your budget will help you choose hps is far cheaper than led. Good luck!

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If your gonna flower whither t5 you need bulbs with a 3200k color it’s more red spectrum than the 6500k that was used during veg
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Hey @Motibs94 welcome to the ILGM forums. Are we understanding that you want to remain on t5 bulbs?

If so how about some pictures of what you have now so we can get an idea of what we’re talking about.

4 plants in a 6x4 space would require quite a bit of light.

More info needed to really be helpful!

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Thank you for your insight! I love getting opinions from other growers

I have a t5 on my smaller plants right now and also a 125w 6400k light. I would like to remain with the 6 bulb t5 if possible for bloom

Hello there @Motibs94

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Here is you answer: High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Grow Lights

High Pressure Sodium grow lights are often used during the flowering stage because they are very efficient and their yellow light stimulates bud production. HPS grow lights in the flowering stage get better yields per watt of electricity than any other type of grow light available today, which is a big part of why they are so popular.

The light from an HPS appears yellow, and is great for flowering plants because the light spectrum stimulates bud production

here is a link for starters


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your welcome I read if you are not using co2 you only need a 600 watt hps. 1000 watt will not yield more with out extra co2

I use all the styles of lights, from HPS and MH, to LED, T5s, and CFLs.

As long as you use the right spectrums and light cycles, you’ll grow great buds!



Hi i have 4 led from california solar and 3 hps how many plants should i be able to grow nicely

How big is the grow area? I’d say 12 at least!


Hi,appreciate the reply my room is 3mtrs long 2.7 wide and upwards of 2 mtrs tall,im old school and have grown outdoors for ever,but times are a changing fast and everyone wants indoor bud here in Australia.I dont want to overcrowd them and mess it up.Just need some good advice with it all.Thanks Mate