Which strain for body stone or pain

Which strains produce more of a body stone in regular fem and auto?

It is kinda more strain dependent than it is if the seed is regular, feminized or an auto. All of our seeds have descriptions and you can get more detailed info by clicking on the tabs on the specific strain. In general Indica dominant strains tend to be more of the body stone and sativas more of the cerebral psychedelic high. This is very generalized and is not necessarily true all the time, for example, OG Kush is Indica dominant but is not a sleepy/relaxing body high like many other Indica dominant strains, it seems to have an “up” energetic high more like many sativas. It also depends on how the strain was grown. This is also very generalized but if the plant is harvested earlier, all milky white trichomes instead of amber ones, it tends to be more of an “up and mental/cerebral psychedelic” high and if it is harvested later with many amber trichomes it can be very relaxing and sedating.

In auto strain.

As I said, it depends on the auto strain, check the descriptions. Autos are ruderalis hybrids with the named strain that are bred to be as close to the named strain as possible, i.e. white widow auto, lowryder, blueberry auto, or amnesia haze auto. I’m sure you can find one that will suit your needs in our seed shop, just check the auto flower box on the left of the screen.

BTW, if you are trying to get at the idea of higher CBD levels with moderate, regular, and high THC levels, this will produce more of a body high, yes. And from what I understand, autoflowers may have slightly higher CBD levels with slightly lower THC levels than their namesake, and so with the same named strain, yes the auto hybrid version might have more of a body stone and pain relief affect than the original named strain.

Can you get both a head high and body high. The Coughlilock feeling