Which Nutrient in should I use in Autopots? Organic/ Inorganic ones?

Hi everyone. I am newbee in this Farmers World :slight_smile:
I recently set up my system which is 8x 15L Pot (filled with all mix+ perlit) + 100L autopot tank. (filled up with 70 Liter Tap water)

My question is, I have Biobizz Starter Pack which is an organic nutrient and Im not sure whether I should use Biobizz organic nutrients or not?

Some people say it gets ferment and pipes got stuck very quickly. People wash aquvalves and pipes constantly. If I am going to do that, what is the sense of having Autopot right?

Some says use inorganic nutrients. From forums that I read, taste and smell of your buds change when you use inorganic ones. Which ones should I use, I have no idea.

I have so many question on my mind. I want to grow weed to get high but this process made me so down :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

I guess I need some advice.
Thanks in advance!


In any system where I had air/water lines I would never use organic growing techniques. If your in an automated system it would be better from a longevity standpoint to grow with salts or hydroponic nutrients of some sort


Look into Jack’s Nutrients. It is a hydroponic nutrient line that is organic friendly and carries no heavy metals. I grow with it and my bud tastes fabulous. Taste comes down to proper drying and curing


What’s the NPK ratio on your jacks @imSICKkid ?

Part a is 5-12-26
Part b is 15-0-0
And epsom salt

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I guess Im gonna go with GHE - TRIPACK FLORA SW. I cannot find Jacks around here (Turkey)
As far as I understand, inorganic ones dont cause any pipe to stuck so system will run smoothly?

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No they will not run smoothly with organic nutrients and inorganic won’t run smoothly forever either. Organic nutrients get all gummy and clog small spaghetti lines but inorganic leave behind salt deposits that can clog things also

I run general hydroponics micro and bloom only and still have to add general hydroponics Florakleen to keep things running smoothly


I run an organic soil though. Coast of Maine or Sohum. I don’t need any nutrients all of veg then I start adding them in the flower stage.

They say you don’t need any nutrients the entire grow but ive never tried it


Ok, I got that I can go with General Hydroponics Flora Series and I can add Florakleen, too. Here is my another problem:

I have transplanted my plants into autopots and started the system with 70 Lt tap water, they have already used 15-20 liters of it. BUT I didnt have airdomes for all the pots, I have only one for the tank. Should I dig all the way to the bottom and place airstone like the one in the pic? What do you suggest?

Another question: One suggest that he wash the coco mix with 30L water and wait for 1 hour than transplant the plants and do not water for 1 week to make the roots get to the bottom. Another one suggest water manually for 1 week than start the system, etc. Since I already started the system, should I stop the system and drain the water and water manually for 1 week, or should I continue let Autopot do watering?

I really appreciate if you can answer these 2 questions!

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I wouldn’t do that at all.

If you have plastic pots then I would just run the whole grow without them.

If you have fabric pots and didn’t put a sock liner inside them then I would simply put your air stone under the fabric pot for this grow

You have plastic pots.

I wouldn’t use them at all this grow