Which light to choose for my setup

I’m looking to buy either the Mars Hydro TSW2000 or the Spider Farm SF2000. This is the dollar range I’m looking to spend so that’s why I’ve narrowed it to these two. Here are some pics if people aren’t familiar with them. My question is, what one would be better for my grow tent that’s 3x4x5? Also, would one light suffice or two?I’m leaning towards the Spider Farm and only purchasing one. Please send your opinions and suggestions!

Personally I think spiders tend to have a pretty bad footprint your better off with the hydro imo I mean just compare the 2 the spider at 18 inch is basically the hydro at 24 inch that means hydro spread is so much better and 1 will be fine as long as your walls are white or mylar I have a 1000 and I could technically do my entire 3x3(actually 2.75x 3.5) with it but I’d rather do 2 lights for the even spread

@Redfootgrandpaj in a 3x4 you need around 350W-400watts, the mars is 300W and the Spider Farm is 200W

Thanks for the info! Good to know.

I’m looking at some other lights and would love opinions. Again, for my 3x4x5 tent I was maybe thinking about a Mars Hyrdo TSL2000 or two HLG100 V2’s. Please give me your opinions!