Which hydro deliviers most oxygen?

Is there any hydro systems that can give plants what they want better than others?

NO. It is a matter of choice; One hydro method is as good as any other. However; Some methods are more convenient for one grower or another.

Vague question. What are you really asking?

It’s a very direct question.
Is there any hydro systems that can give plants what they want better than others?Hence better growth.
You answered the question.One method is good as the other.

For the most part one form of hydro is about as good as any other and a lot depends on how you run said specific hydro system. However, there are many many who report DWC as the most prolific when it comes to aggressive and abundant growth. This could be because the roots actually grow into a large amount of nutrient solution and so it always has access to nutrients 100% of the time as compared to a flood and drain system, ebb and flow, or just about any other system that has periodic application of nutrients and water to the plant’s root system. In the end it is probably more about how well you tune your system, as a DWC that is not oxygenated enough or has pH or EC problems would not produce as well as a well balanced soil or other well balanced hydro system.

I think I’ll stick with soil.

Haha, thats why I stick to soil also. Hydro=too much hassle

I find soil growing more of a hassle! Bugs, and soil born issues. Never have those issues with hydro. Do not know what you read into this thread, but you both are off base.

I really do not understand why you ask about hydro systems and from the limited info in this thread; You announce you want to stick in soil.???

Nothing wrong with growing in soil; just do not comprehend your reasoning. Nothing was proved or disproved here.

Yeah, I don’t find hydro very difficult at all, it is not hard to keep it properly “tuned” to the right pH and the right EC, and when it is running properly, hydro outperforms the growth rate and yields of soil hands down.

In some way some people do find hydro, like DWC, as maybe even easier than soil, less bugs as Latewood said, and many find it cleaner and easier to work with than soil in this regard, less to clean up aftter, and you don’t have to guess if you are drowning your soil or be careful you are not letting your soil get too dry. There is a little bit of a learning curve going to hydro and soil is a bit more forgiving in buffering nutrients and pH to the roots but this is the same reason hydro outperforms in terms of rapid growth and high yields as you are directly sending those nutrients straight to the roots.

DWC is probably the easiest or simplest to run and does have impressive abundant rapid growth, maybe the highest growth rates out of all of them, when done right. And it probably does provide the most oxygen as the roots tend to be growing right around the air source (airstone, etc) in the reservoir. It certainly provides all the rest of the nutrients the plant wants in abundance as provided 24/7 by the roots sitting in and building a huge rootball in the highly aerated nutrient solution of the reservoir.

Well said my friend; I do want to say; For growing Cannabis, I have grown 70% of mine in DWC. I have done many soil grows in between and during Hydro grows. I quit doing that due to the flies, and mites that soil bring into the grow room.

As far as systems; I find ebb and flow, also called flood and drain. I like this because you can run the system as much as you like, providing the same essential value from nutrient solution as you have in DEC; (aside from the fact that you do not run pumps during lights off), but, this can be a benefit due to the fact that in the dark period you have great oxygen available to the roots, and this make sure you do not drown any roots.

Hope this helps. Peace all, thannks MacG. :slight_smile:

I should have asked directly if hydro grows produce bigger yields.
If I did it would be DWC and/or a mix of another.