Soil or hydro Which one is your favorite

What do you think is best …

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I prefer soil but I love hydro growth. I like soil cuz based on growing the same strains in both soil and hydro, my soil grows taste better. Luckily, I do not have to do both as my neighbor is a hydro guy. I gave him a phat nug of BB Muffin and his opinion was that it was so tasty. So I started a bean for him in soil and at 6 weeks, gave it to him and he pulled it from the soil and did his hydro thing and not much smell or taste of blueberries like my soil grow. I am not saying this is always the case and I do not know what nutes he uses but all in all, I think soil creates a fuller smell and taste. I think this is one of those cans o worms.


I’m a soil grower, but will say that the growth rates associated with hydro are very good. Coco is much the same as hydro in terms of growth rate.


I like soilless media like coco or peat. Like stated you can get some amazing growth approaching hydro. Using soilless with Autopots is just about the easiest grow method I’ve done.

Hydro is great for those with a technical and engineering bent. If you aren’t it’s not for you.


Love my organics :slight_smile:


Hydroponics is better if done properly no question.

But both can produce amazing results


IMHO Hydro … each has its strengths and weakness but I believe hydro gives you the cleanest smoking and tasting flower if done correctly…

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Autopots useing an inert growing medium and any other “soilless” grow is a form of hydroponics by definition its just not a form of DWC that we typically see when talking about hydroponics.

And i totally agree the autopots are the ultimate grow tent hack :grin: we get the best of both worlds. Hydroponic growth rates with a wider ph range and no waist water :+1:

Thats because coco-coir is 100% hydroponics by definition :+1:

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Soil forsure!


I started in soil then tried coco and auto pots. there’s no turning back. I use Canna’s entire lineup except one and will use nothing but from now on. If you try it you will be sold too. There nutes are a tad high in price but well worth it in the long run. And simple to use.


Personally I believe soilless should be in it’s own category. The Autopots make it simple but do believe you lose a bit of yield over top-fed coco/peat. But that’s okay for me as I still get 10 to 12 oz. per plant.


I can see driper system having and advantage over wicking systems for sure.
But I’ll trade the little bit for less moving parts and no waste water which translates to time and money so its a win in my book :grin:
There kinda is different categories of hydroponics though.
Depending on who you ask as to the number of categories but I like the number 7 :sweat_smile:

" What are the 7 hydroponic systems?

Types of Hydroponic Systems

  • Kratky method.
  • Wick Systems.
  • Deep Water Culture (DWC)
  • Ebb & Flow (Flood & Drain)
  • Nutrient Film Technique (NFT)
  • Vertical Systems.
  • Drip Irrigation – Dutch Bucket."

Autopots being a wicking systems of course with really cool floats :sweat_smile:


Organic soil feels like its the best for what will be consumed.

I like str8 coco, no mixing necessary.