Hydroponics Tips

Hey guys iv had about 3 successful grows so far using cocoa but i keep seeing awesome grows with hydro systems whats yalls opinion on starting a hydro grow? I really want to give it a shot any tips?


I don’t do hydro but several do. @peachfuzz may be able to help and know other hydro growers he can tag :+1:


Id suggest staying away from ‘DWC’ as it doesn’t lend itself to cannabis growing: too labor-intensive IMO. RDWC with a decent reservoir along with a chiller will do a fine job but frankly coco is only incrementally less growth than hydro. You can also look into Autopots for ease although I don’t believe they are suited for big plants (over 12 oz dried flower per plant).

Like lights, doing hydro right is a bit costly. Trying to do it on the cheap is often a recipe for failure.

If you don’t currently run quality lights you may want to focus on that first.


I agree with the moderator dont do it you will probably end burning alot of plants trying .if u want to try something different try organics either with 321 jacks , Gaia Green ,or using all natural ingredients like worm castings and bat guano and volcanic rock dust fertilizer and superworm frass ,kelp meal and alfalfa meal and sea bird guano fish bone meal ,theres also down to earth products

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I’m gonna go with myfriends and say coco is a safe route with almost the same outcome. Hydro is not good unless u have all the needs to make it work out at the start. One a problem occurs it’s gonna take a bit to get it in check a water chiller is a must u less u have a different way of keeping the rez at a certain temp without going hotter. U said coco so I’d be .ore leaning to stick with coco and save up for what really needed for hydro grows. It’s def a bit more challenging than growing with a medium.

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Currently running t 1200 W lights that i used for my last grow iv done 3 successful grows so far all yeilding from 9 - 11.5 ozs using Cocoa but i jeep hearing hydroponics has a little less work needed but i guess that depends on whos really telling :joy:


First time grower and DWC grower! I’d agree with the mod that DWC is a bit difficult to start at first, but I believe that a lot of the “dialing in” process is getting quality and proper tools for the job! Starting with good lighting is a MUST, quickly followed by airflow, and plenty of bubblers in your res to keep those roots oxygenated. My res runs 8 gallon on average in a 15 gallon tote, and I have three stones inside making it a nice jacuzzi for the roots.

I personally run Jacks 321/Microbes/CalMag in my reservoir. I started by using Fox farm nutes, which was spiking my PPMS and EC like crazy , so I quickly made the switch. Also in addition to using those nutrients, I had to do a lot of washing during the first month of being active cause it had so much build up and excess things in it that my plant wasn’t even using. Using the Jacks combo, I don’t see myself ever having to do a res flip, it stays clean, with minimal build up.

Also, I run without a water chiller, cause frankly they are a little out of my price range. What I’d recommend, is freezing DISTILLED water in a jug and plopping one of those in whenever it gets a little warm in there. The res I’m using is all black, but I have it wrapped/insulated on the outside with reflective foam / foil so it reflects all the light away from it, the same on the top of the lid below the plants, and it keeps my res between 67-70 degrees. Every now and then I have a spike to maybe 72 at highest, but I just drop a jug in and bring it to 68 and it keeps it in line.

I guess the final input I would have is if you do choose to start DWC or even RDWC, just listen to your plants and I think you’ll do great! Considering you said you already had successful grows, I’m sure you have no problem listening to them as is!

Happy growing :metal:t4: