Which Fox Farms Happy Frog?

Found a local feed and supply right near me that carries it. However there are four versions, A fruit and flower, an all purpose, cavern culture and an acid loving plants.

I’m assuming most of the references here are for the all purpose?

Cavern culture is a high phosphorus blend 1-12-0 where as the all purpose is a 6-4-5

For cannibis we use the all purpose. Some use the Cavern culture during flower for the high phophorus bat guano it contains.
Be careful with it, as a little goes a long way.

I have no clue about the acid plant fertilizer u spoke of and advise not using it.


Fox farm makes great products in my opinion. I use Happy frog and ocean Forest with a 10 to 20% cultivation Nation. I know new out of the bag the first 5 weeks no nutrients required.
Reusing the soil I have three grows. So far so good. On the third group I added a new bag I needed more soil because after grows I screen with a half inch chicken wire.
My next grow I’m going to get the fox farm conditioning soil bag yellow and mix all my old soil with that. I use 10 gallon fabric pots so it takes a lot of soil but I also believe it’s a lot forgiving and The Roots have more space to grow.
One day I’m going to try like the other guys and do small pots but for now I like big.
You can do a little research on the fox farm products but like any chef would tell you everybody’s going to have a little bit different recipe. Like I gave you my recipe. My first grow I tried from a 50/50 Forest Happy frog all the way down to a 25 ocean and 75 frog :frog:. I didn’t see much of a difference on a lot of it but I’m also not as technical as some people on here. I talk too much have a good day be safe

Happy frog soil comes in this bag
Happy Frog Soil
Happy Frog Fruit and Flower is a fertilizer used with HF soil since it is not loaded with stuff like OF is, if you use HF start to finish that is where the fertilizer comes into play.
Happy Frog Fertilizer
Been thinking of switching or trying coco but so far I love this soil. I use all 3 from them including the Coco Loco.

The advice above to not use the acid lovers is spot on, that fertilizer is for Rhododendrons, azaleas, hydrangeas, and other acid-loving plants.

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Thanks all!