Which deficiency is this?

By the picture it’s hard to tell, but I think there is a sulfur deficiency with my little plant because they have skinny stalks at the bottom and thicker at top. Also the yellowing of leaves are exactly like the photos I have seen and the yellowing is with newer leaves and starts from the inside. What do you think?

Not knowing anything about your nutrient shcedule or environment makes it hard to amke an educated guess.

Please answer me these questions.

What nutrients are you using?

PH and EC, TDS/ppm?

What size lamp, and how far above plants is it?

What is the temperature and humidity of your grow space?

I can make a uch more informed recommendation, knowing these facts. Peace.lw

I change nutes once a week and check my PH every other day.
I am using moon dust
PH is 5.8- TDS is 160-EC?
I have a small grow box 3 ft. tall and 1 1/2 ft. wide
water temp is 76.3
air is 75.6 and humidity is 53

here is a pic I just took with my 3 grow bulbs and my little box to give you an idea of how close they are to the lite.

I did notice some brown tiny spots on leaves, very small though, hard to see even when zoomed in.I was told this may be nutrient burn. Not sure.

I have bad eyes. I think you mean 1.6 EC…

Anyway; I have bad eyes, but now that i see the plants at a different angle…It is possible that the 2 little ones are not ready for that strong of a solution. I am not familiar with moon dust. If you look up Nitrogen mobile; Which is too mucj nitrogenm you will see your plants.

What is N P K of Moon Dust?

I’m guessing maybe manganese deficiency with or as a result of related iron/zinc deficiency.

Nutrient Deficiencies In Marijuana Plants: The Ultimate Guide

I have the same setup and getting the same problem. Tiny brown dots that eventually take over the leaf. I’ve tried everythng and cant figure out what it is. using Moondust also but only 1/3 of what is recommended…

I agree Sufur deficiencies. I don’t want to step on any toes here but your ph should be 5.0. 6.0 range.
Try 1 or2 teaspoons of Epson salt to one gal of water till you see improvement.


hey man. I have tried getting good advice on here. I haven’t received one bit of good advice from anyone on this site(sorry)
I did have the same problem. I had bought a cash crop 3.0 last april. I found out 5 months later moondust is ok, but not great.
I highly reccomend ph perfect advanced nutrients grow for the first month and a half. then ph perfect bloom for flowering. I was so happy with the results. If you don’t feed your plant enough food it will eat itself and that’s what I too experienced(little brown spots). The cash crop only serves purpose for starting 2 plants to get a decent size about 10". Just to let you know, when I switched to ph perfect the game changed. Epsom salt only helps to raise your leaves. Switch plant food! Ph perfect has tons of stuff good for your plants moondust doesn’t offer. I can also show you a very cheap and effective grow setup up for your box.

oh yeah, I threw away the Epsom salt and ph meters/tds meters since I got the ph perfect if that tells you anything.

Barney, we can only give you as good of information as you gave us. You never did answer any of the questions about what moon dust is or its NPK ratios.

Also a EC of 160 is not a real EC number, you didn’t answer that question either. A PPM of 160, yes that would be way too low and I would have told you that the yellowing tops would confirm a likelihood of too low of nutrients.

And finally a reservoir temp of 76*F is a bit high for DWC.

No one here recommended you use “moon dust” and no one here recommended you use a reservoir tub that is not 100% light proof, a blue plastic top still very likely lets too much light into the reservoir.

The temps and algae from too much light could all contribute to your plant not getting the nutrients it needs, as well as a nutrient concentration that was likely way too low.