Is my marijuana suffering from nutrient deficiency?

A question from a fellow grower:

I have a question about my plant that i’m growing in my backyard, it looks like it suffering some kind of nutrient deficiency or perhaps picked up some kind of sickness. Please take a look at the attached photos and maybe you can figure out what it is, I haven’t got a clue. It appears as yellowish dots on the leaves of the plant.

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It is most likely a potassium deficiency, maybe a manganese deficiency. But usually pin size spots, or yellow or brown dots like splotches that might turn to pin holes in a otherwise normal healthy looking leaf is a sign of a potassium deficiency.

My[ plant ] one of nine. Went from a few yellow leaves to dead from sat-thurs and it’s the only one. What could cause this? It’s my first grow
I’m pretty sure I’ve got fert.and things in order can’t figure out why just one.

I don’t know why just that one. What kind of fertilizer feeding regiment were you using?

Hi trying to figure out what wrong with my plant. Any one know what deficiency it is?

iv’e only ever see dots like that on outdoor plants from insect bite like migies or mozzies.