Which auto seed best for outdoor winter grow

I want to do a bush grow in winter time using autos,night temps would get to 10 degrees min days 20 degrees,which varieties would best suit.Do not want to start seedlings under lights if possible.

F° or C° in a greenhouse?

Lol I hope you’re not talking about Fahrenheit. Good gravy that would be cold.

Even if you’re talking about Celsius, that’s still a little chilly…I’d pick a really resilient strain…maybe Northern Lights?

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No greenhouse and temp is Celsius,Queensland,Australia

Here’s what is listed for cool climates. Should get some really good colors if you can pull it off. Has to get really cold for good silvers. Really cold being 55 at night if I recall correctly. Which is close. 12.7c

Have a similar temp to LA calf would you like to pick a variety that is worth growing with a decent Thc

You should just Google it honestly and read up. Don’t know what kind you dig. Northern lights is a classic. Shimmering silver haze too, ilgm doesn’t carry it tho. Critical is also supposed to be resistant. Wouldn’t call any of them low thc. 15/16% area

I harvested a G. Glue auto a week ago got a good harvest (haven’t weighed it yet) almost ready to put in jars & it’s potent. It’s on the list that @Budz posted.

ILGM Lowryder does excellent outdoors cold weather

10c is like 50f, in short overnight random occasions just about any of them would probably be fine. But regular sustained temps like that I’m not really sure any of them would thrive. I would probably try a variety, and figure out how to get some extra soil or whatever around root balls trying to keep them warm as possible.

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