Where to buy marijuana seeds or clones?

Where to buy cannabis clones seedsWhere can I buy adequate marijuauna clones or seeds?

A few states allow you to grow marijuana for medical purposes, but for the most part it is a felony in every other state and territory in America (on top of being a federal crime). Instead of diminishing, arrests and penalties are increasing steadily. In addition, the federal laws against possession, cultivation, and sale are relatively harsh. Federal arrests are increasing by leaps and bounds, and importing seeds might get you investigated for smuggling charges. Thus, growing marijuana in the US should be done only with proper planning and caution and a realization of what it could mean for you and your family.

You can find seeds with relative ease in Canada and the Netherlands. High Times and Cannabis Culture magazines feature advertisements, and you can find some on the internet as well. At one time, the Netherlands was the major seed producer and seller, but many Dutch companies have begun refusing to ship their products to America and they depend on Americans to come to them. Many of their sales are starting come from within Europe.

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The attitudes toward marijuana are much more relaxed in Canada. As a result of Mark Emery’s concerted efforts, you can find seeds in Canada from one of many different Canadian companies. The border between Canada and the US is over 3,000 miles and is quite susceptible to being crossed by seed buyers with relative ease. Not many are ever caught.

Clones can help you start a garden efficiently because they are essentially just cuttings taken from a female plant that’s been chosen for its exceptional qualities. With clones, there’s no guesswork because you know you’re getting a high-quality specimen. You can only get clones from a friend or acquaintance if you’re in the US, but they’re definitely worth it in most cases.

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