Seeds by Mail

My biggest concern ordering from out of the country is inspection of packages coming into the US by customs. I would have to believe that by now Customs has learned how Marijuana seeds are shipped into the US from Amsterdam, Netherlands, etc? Anyone in the US ever order from overseas and did you receive your product? How did you receive it (alternate name and address, ship right to you, etc.)?


I’m not sure about the US Customs, but I’m sure Canadian Customs are using the same methods of detection.

My order was just shipped out… White Widow and Northern Lights on the way!

When my order was sent, I also received instructions on how to find the cannabis seeds in the shipping packaging!

When I saw how they are packed and shipped, I can see why they are near impossible to detect by xray or smell.

Seems like it would work to me…

it worked for me in a country that has beem proven 1 of the toughest customs in the world! usa customs is deffinately not smarter or tougher than they? had my doubts as well but got them all Robert does a great job getting the seeds to thier destination

rest assured

The majority of our customers are in the U.S. Most are Medical Marijuana card holders. I have not heard of any issues.

I understand your concerns, but I have had genetics arrive here from UK many times, and a package from here as well.

One final note. If customs find s the seeds; They will take them, and you would receive a note informing you of same. Having used an alias; You are safe. There are always exceptions, but I haven’t heard of any issues. Peace

Still waiting for my first shipment from Robert, but received other shipments from bcbuddepot without any hitches, other than taking weeks to arrive, never had a problem.

You should have no issues arise from this order; either. Peace.lw

I ordered twice from England first one arrived in 10 days and second one never arrived, they wanted to resend but I opted for refund. I then found Robert and the I love site and ordered some OG Kush and Super Skunk, should be here next week, cant wait.

Enjoy :smiley: