Where did I go wrong?

What happened?

Tell us what your setup is and a close up pic.

Cheap β€œ600w LED”
60cm x 60cm x 90cm tent
2 x USB fans
1 x carbon filter
Coco soil
Green planet nutes

Am I over watering?

Best photo I can do right now until I get home

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Did you buffer the coco first?

What does that mean

Coco should be mixed with Perlite or similar and buffered with Cali-Magic or equivalent before use and small amount of nutrients added and phd to 5.7-6.2 before using. It contains nothing on its own!

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Yup so ph was 6.1
It was a pre mix bag of coco 70/30 perlite
Do I need to do anything to the bags of coco and perlite? I added cal mag + other nutes after 7 days of growing

So I am meant to make the coco wet and phd to correct level before planting??

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Yes should all take place before planting. I am going to crash, so when you get a chance, take pics of what you used and we will get to bottom of it. You can tag someone @Bbythuggyj to get their attention. Post the pics of setup coco bags ,nutes and any other info you have ,and I will see it in A.M. Have a good one!

Thanks bro will do!