What did I do wrong

So I had to leave town for 10 days and the blue dream photos got sick. I setup my plants that are in grow bags with Coco and raised them up on bricks with tshirts under to soak up water. I put in PH’d water and my normal nutrient level. I came home and found plants that looked like this.

I did a flush with just PH water and then have been watering them daily. Still looking poor but a little better. I did a test after flushing and the PPM was at 480, today it was 740 so going in the right direction. Is this a Potassium issue.

This is my second grow but first photo. First autos were airy buds but did get 3 oz of White Widow. Anyone know what is going on and what I’m doing wrong.

Thanks for any help.

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My problem right now, nutrients lock out ?

Soil PH has gone completely wrong OR you’re suffering a wicked cal/mag deficiency.

If your soil PH is wildly off, it will cause vitamin lock out like @Randy_Marsh said.
If your soil PH is still within range then they are in desperate need of some calcium and magnesium.

Jf, welcome to the forum. Did anyone water & feed while you were gone? If it’s pure coco they need to have water & nutes everyday. Coco has no nutes & is treated as soilless it needs water & nutes PH’d to around 5.8 everyday some people do it a few times a day. You just never want it to go dry like soil. They will look like crap for a while but may come back these girls can take a lot of abuse & come back. Also coco needs calmag in the mix.Having a brain fart & can’t think of anything else at the moment but this will get you back on track.

Thanks everyone. What quick responses. The soil seemed moist because of the wicking I setup. Thinking I should have setup a top water system that would pump water from reservoir and not rely on the wicking idea.

Before my trip I added 3 gallons of ph’d water but I used RO water because that is what I had been using to water from the top. I use General Hyrdoponics and Calimagic and have been using the 1/2 tsp feeding schedule per gallon of water. I also added extra nitrogen in the form of Roots Organics - Uprising Bloom powder about 3 weeks before but half of what the bag called for…

I just checked soil PH and came out around 6-6.5 so I guess a little high. I normally try for between 5.5 and 6. I checked my water before nutes which (PPM/PH) was 476 / 8.3 and RO water is 7/7.8

So do I water with RO water or not to raise the nutes for the flowering stage I just am starting? I will add some epson salt (whatever rate I find after searching) and check twice a day. Keeping my fingers cross since buds seem to be growing (slowly) but also seems like leaves aren’t doing well.

Thanks for the assistance.