Where can i purchase seed at online i dontbwanna get rippedd off and i want good genetics

if any one can tellnme where to.purchase seeds at somewhere u all getbthem from please im new tonthis site but am a ok grower amd im very interested in learning more on growing pleaee leave cpmment

This forum is paid for by a seed bank. Maybe buy some here?


I’ve made three orders with ILGM with no issues. 100% germination so far.

how long did they take to arrive i just wanna mske sure im not getting played

Give it about 2-3 weeks. They ship from overseas and with COVID still going on, you might not get it within the first week.

I just checked my latest purchase. I ordered on 15 April and received 27 April

A lot of seed banks operate from outside of the US. 2 - 3 weeks is common and 4 weeks isn’t unheard of given everything that is going on. I’ve bought from a couple of seed banks and haven’t had a problem with any of them.

Recieved my seeds from ILGM in 6 business days, Blue mix pack arrived today ahead of schedule!

I was nervous but now confident

It’s legit here. Buy what seeds u like and have fun broseph! SWED

I got them from here! Got then in the mail today! Just over 2 weeks for me.

ILGM seed Bank has a nice selection. Good luck

ty everyone i will get them from here ty