Ilgm seed bank and forum

Holy h.e double hockey sticks ilgm seed bank is the s#%& I would never order from another seed bank as long as these guys are around I was very unsure about ordering seeds from online I have thought bout it for a few years and have wanted to grow even longer went ahead and finally went for it wasn’t expecting much but had to take the chance so glad I did was told it usually take 25 to 30 days for them to arrive got mine in about 10days very happy with that so said heck lets try this again and boom 10 to 12 days I got my other order well ended up with a few that didnt germinate thought now that’s see if they go back on their word about the guaranteed got ahold of them to see what would happen well to my surprise they said they would replaced the seeds that didn’t germinate well got them in today excellent customer service I went and join the Forum when I 1st started my grow so many helpful people and info even if I make a newbie Mistake you people don’t criticize you Point me back in the right direction and gets me going again it make growing even more enjoyable if you new to growing or just looking for a new seed bank ilgm is the real deal!!! Sorry if this seem all jumbled up I’m stoned right now lmfao thanks ilgm seed bank and forum


Everyone here is as nice as can be. That’s why we’re here, to help each other. Good luck on your grow my friend


Glad to hear about your phenomenal experience. @Newb1 I’ve had nothing but the best experience as well. Highly recommended.


Great to hear you so excited and delighted with the support you have received from the ILGM team and us the community @Newb1 its just as good a feeling helping someone if not better than getting all the right answer’s if need be Lol, so cone what’s up for the next grow then buddy :wink:


@Johnzy81 yeah The Forum is a great place my next grow is going to scrog a Grand Daddy Purple I have enough seeds now to try different type of grows going to try a scrog some lst and hst fim and maybe a super crop to see what I like doing and with the best yield for me it’s been really fun and addicting


Great to hear. Ive always been treated well here as everyone has the same goal: for each of us to grow our very best. If i almost kill it everyone rallies to help me correct my mistake. As you said delivery time is awesome & staffs wonderful. Im very grateful for all of you & forum.


Glad you decided to go for it @Newb1
I did move this thread to members lounge tho
Happy growing :v: CB :cowboy_hat_face: