Seeds long wait

Anyone else experience a long what to get seeds ?

It can take a while. Some people get them in a week or two. My experience has been that it takes about 3 weeks. Some people report up to 4 weeks, particularly with COVID slowing things down.


I live in the USA. It took nearly a month before they even shipped my seeds. After they actually shipped them, they arrived in 3 days. I kept getting the run around about why it was taking forever, so I wrote ACCURATE reviews about my experience both here and on trustpilot. Two days later, I got an email saying that my seeds had shipped. For what it’s worth, I had a 90% success rate with germination using this sites recommended procedure, and all of the seedling have survived, even better, THRIVED even after the abuse of a novice indoor gardener. I wanted to order more seeds but the website wouldn’t give me the option to use an electronic check again. When I emailed, asking for help to place a nearly $1000 US order. I was advised that they would LOVE to help so long as I changed my review to say that I had a great experience. I did go back and edit my review so that others would know that they aren’t getting ripped off when it takes much too long to complete a simple transaction. I still haven’t ordered those other seeds!

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Anyone else experience a long what to get seeds ?
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My mistake I didn’t mean ILGM I meant Choice seeds

I bought IGLM seeds that were on special and got them in like 5-6 days

I have a order still in Chicago since May 4th and that is where the trail ends. The order was placed on April 20th if that gives you any indication about shipping to the USA right now.

I just sent money order to ILGM mon

I hope it’s better then Choice seeds

I had to wait a long time, but in the end; the seeds I received were worth the wait. They are really incredibly strong little plants. I’m impressed with the genetics thus far!

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What’s a long time?

A month.

Been over a month since I sent payment

What’s the best place to order from ??

I’ve only ordered twice. Both times from ILGM. I had the seeds in less than a week.

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 For what it’s worth, I’m satisfied with my purchase from ILGM.I guess I got pushy because I was anxious and ready to rock and roll. Overall, it took awhile to get my seeds. However,  now that things are underway, the situation seems more of a small annoyance than an act of neglect. I got carried away and blew things out of proportion. ILGM really did me a solid with a FANTASTIC germination rate, reliable genetics and prompt replies to emails with my concerns about shipping speed. We will be placing that second order next week! Thank you @ILGM.Stacy, I apologize for being so aggressive. I was wrong. Order #557242
 I will vouch for this company. They are good people!

Yea I’m a little anxious to get things underway also. I sent payment by mail to ILGM only a week ago it’s not them it’s Choice seeds that’s been a month

I wish they would take credit card
I’m not to comfortable with giving my check info out to anyone

They take mastercard. That’s how I always pay them

I paid with Zell. Super easy, super fast.

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I use my card also. When I tried to make this order it didn’t give me the option to pay by card again. I didn’t even know I could just Zell the money over! Good looking out.