When you buy a grow tent does it matter if you buy a hydroponic or Reb grow tent

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I am looking forward to beginning to grow myself. I have been a MMP. for 7 years. Sick of
spending money.
I have a question, when you buy a grow tent does it matter if you buy a hydroponic or Reb grow tent. I am starting my seed soak soon.
I am not using the hydroponic method. So does the grow tent the same for indoor growing the dirt way?
Looking forward to hearing from you!
Thank you

I don’t think the brand of the tent matters. Some have different options, i.e. Vent hole sizes/locations, bars for hanging lights and accessories.

The important decision is buying a good one. Smooth zippers, easy assembly and no light leaks.

I own two ipower tents and both of them have tons of light leaks and the 4x8 has terrible zippers. I contacted ipower with zero resolution. I do not recommend that brand.


Exactly, this is an area where research is crucial and skimping on money not always a good thing.

Another one I would avoid is Secret Jardin, from what I’ve been seeing in various places the quality has dropped considerably in recent times.

But those with more knowledge will need to know what the customer’s plan is, how many plants, budget, etc, so the best advice can be given as the number of options, and price ranges, is beyond ridiculous.

Thanks so much!! That helps me a great deal!

Gorilla grow tents are good and come with a one-year warranty I just had mine warranty they replaced it faulty zipper and the stitching was comeing out


I second gorilla frow tents. Best on the market imo!

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what is MMP please ?

I have the topolite 2x4 I have had no problems with it. No light leaks, smooth zippers. It is one of the cheaper tents so I’m not sure on the longevity. A lot of people use the vipar tent, I’ve seen the Apollo.

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Yield Lab has good zippers . I would buy another one .

thank you.

My 4x8 Vivosun has great zippers but the 2x4 which I think is older does not. But still work ok.