When to water peat pods

From a fellow grower: I just planted a Gold Leaf seed in an organic peat pod ( not Jiffy ). The pod is pyramidal shaped. I soaked the pod in warm water first, until it was moist and kind of spongy, then made a hole about a quarter of an inch deep, dropped the seed in, and covered it with loose peat. I have searched extensively on the ILGM grow bible; but cannot find detailed advice on how to know when to moisten the pod with water. I don’t know how dry, or moist, the pod should consistently be to help the seed sprout. Can you link me to definitive advice on the subject?

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Moist, but not saturated. I encourage you to join the forum, post some pictures, and we can guide you along the way.
Happy growing!

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Keeping a dome on them will help keep the peat from drying out. Peat really doesn’t hold moisture so it can dry out easily and kill your seedlings if you don’t keep on top of it.

Also, peat has no nutrients in it so once the first root show it is important to repot it and feed it if using coco or peat based growing medium.