When to trim extra bud sites?

Ok I’m ready to flip my lights in one week after defoliation and supercropping last week.
My question is are there too many budsites (17-20 per plant)? I have only had 10-12 on prior grows.
Also if I do cut some off to let the others get beefier, should I cut now or a few weeks after the light flip 12/12 when I do my last defoliation??


I wouldn’t cut out any of those tops that are directly under the light. You got a great spread of branches there.
Any sites below the top canopy, wispy little branches or ones that are just so low that they won’t catch up the top canopy can be taken off.


I wait till stretch over myself. Once it stops i clean them up. No more foliage being produced. Not much anyway. Little worthless stuff. Lower branches not going to get light. Inside leaves and little branches etc. Just me.