When to stop watering

My plant has about 80% red pistols.almost ready to harvest. Lots of yellow leaves. Should I keep watering or stop.

You never stop watering; Until maybe the last 2 days. Red Pistils do not prove that the plant is finsihed. It is all about what color the trichomes are. When Mostly cloudy and amber is harvest time. :smile:
It takes a 60-100 pocket microscope or jewelers loupe to see the trichomes on the buds.

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Thankyou so much! My plant has many red or brown pistols. My trichomes are still clear. Should I wait untill they get cloudy or amber ? I have a 4 -16 power gun scope that I use . It is by far the best magnification that I have. It makes the Trichomes look like they are a 1/4 inch High

Already answered. :slight_smile:

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