When to stop feeding nutes

My trichomes are roughly ¼ cloudy. How long will it be until I start to see any amber color ? Should I stop feeding now and just continue to water ?

I can never get past cloudy even after 12 weeks white widow have no idea why

You just have to wait until the amber trichomes show. Cloudy is new THC. Amber is a sign of deteriorating THC. Until you see some amber trichomes; Hold of from flushing. Plant will finish when it does; You cannot pinpoint a time frame,

Thanks Latewood. They’re clouding up pretty quickly. I’d say I’m well over a third cloudy now. My last feeding on Sunday had 1150ppm in the run off , so I think I’m going to stop the nutrients now and just continue with water for the next couple weeks. What’s your opinion ?

I am right there where you are. I feed one more time this weekend then just water then nothing at all should do it. Time will tell.


with my outside grow you run out of weather by mid October and you never get past cloudy or you suggesting that you cannot grow outside in the northern hemisphere because of short season plants die off from cold before they can turn amber

I took a sample last night and I see a lot of Amber so now iem going to move my harvest up to Wensday

Good idea…

OK. Seems as if all of you have it under control. Happy Harvesting! :slight_smile:

No I am not suggesting you cannot grow outside.

  1. You have to start earlier if possible. or;

  2. You need to grow strains that finish faster.

  3. Although most prefer some % of amber trichomes, If most are cloudy; You have excellent potency, and should have a nice “up” high. As long as you do not experience anxiety due to harvesting immature Sativa; You are good to go. :slight_smile: