When to start regular watering

Thank you @latewood will do that

Okay here we go with more I dont know @latewood and @yoshi but on the 5th I went ahead and gave the plants a good watering with liquid karma they are in 4 gallon pots at about 3/4 of a gallon they started to drain water in was 5.5 ph water out was 6.0 I just checked ph out from curiosity ppm was 947 in runoff.
They continued to drain for a while . I ended up with about a half inch of water in the drip pan the next morning so I drained it out and put them back under lights . That was six days ago and the soil is still a little moist when I stick my finger a inch or 2 deep . Do I have to worry about mold or root rot starting in the pots and should I start going easier on the watering since it takes so long to dry out ?
The above pictures are from 8 days ago these are from this morning

temps are running mid to lower 60s at night to mid to upper 70s with lights on first couple days humidity shot up in the mid 70s but is back to 47 %now​:alien::alien::space_invader: thanks guys for all the help you keep offering us . I feel like the guy’s on here who share with us unknowing should just refer to us as the Lost


I wouldn’t get too worried about mold or stem rot, just make sure to let the soil dry out before your next watering/feeding. Looks great to me though, good job!


@ktreez420 thanks for that bud . The only thing I am feeding them for a while is liquid karma but not until they are dried out some . I screwed up and had to put them into flower time on the light schedule a couple of weeks earlier than I was planning on . First thing I did was over crowd my tent and was just going to plan on pulling two of them out and letting the others take over . Then I had to go down stairs during the light period and realized that the timer had not come on and the girls had been in the dark for about 16 hours so I went to a 12 12 schedule . Hope this doesn’t kill my quality or yield to bad I would really like to get a ounce and a half or 2 ounces from each of at least decent buds . That would give me plenty of time for a new grow minus the mistakes I made on my first grow . Thinking only one gold leaf and one white widow for a 36 x 36 in tent . Or with such a small space would you go with one plant and scrog or super cropping ? Thanks again

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36x236 that’s plenty of room for 3 plants I think , I grow in a 24x24x50 and I growed out two auto flowers with no training , but for as your watering , how much are you watering your plants ? If you watering a full gallon per pot you can cut back to a half gallon per pot which would make you water sooner but you can continue what you doing which will make less labor of watering every two or three days verses every four to five days make sense . Do you have an oscalating fan blowing in the tent with a duct fan blowing air inside the tent helps dry your medium , but if you decide to give a half gallon now you’ll have to go back to a full gallon in flower cause your plants will drink more in bloom than veg but bringing in cool fresh air inside the tent and having it circulating helps dry your medium but from your photos your plants look great .


@yoshi yes sir I do have a fan I don’t have it on oscillate it is blowing through one of the vents one the side of the tent but all the plants move quite a bit from looking at videos mine seem to move more than most this was my first real watering and the pot started draining at about 3/4 of a gallon so I stopped there but am going to back off to a quart or maybe a hair more also I have a vent fan and carbon scrubber pulling air out and still have a problem with humidity when I water . I use one of the exhale bags to create Co2 and it also creates humidity . Thanks again bud for the help I was mostly worried about the roots being to wet for that long and mold starting . Unfortunately they have already had to be put in flowering a couple week before I wanted dude to malfunction of my timer and spending like 16 hours in the dark now they are on 10 14 schedule hoping to still get a couple ounces each from them they are WW photos

You’ll get way more than you expecting on them w.w. They grow very tall even indoor my guess would be more like 3-5 ounces depending on your light intensity , I believe it’s a gram per watt per square foot Sir .

Well that is encouraging I have a 1000 watt led that is only around 275 true watts but is full spectrum also a 25 watt cfl and a 36watt red blue yellow grow light that I keep below the canopy to shine up under the plant for all the little yummy bits underneath

so with going into flower earlier than I wanted to and it being a small tent if I get two ounces each it will last through my next grow with extra to spare and I will be very happy any more than that and I will have to find someone to share with or make extracts and freeze them

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if you find yourself in a situation where you need to share,…I just want you to know that I am here for you brother.

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I think your issue is due to plants being placed into too large a pot too soon. This is why we transplant from 1 gallon (which is what they should still be in, and then to 3-5 gallon pots. What is happening IMO is that the root zone is too small to take up water fast enough. This is why the bottom is yellow. Normally I wold tell you not to drain excess as it is generally wicked up by the plant. However; Since I believe that the soil being too wet is your main issue, I would advise you to dump the excess runoff as you have been.

Water a bit less. Perhaps do not water until you get runoff. Let the top watering filter down and let the roots seek it out for the next week or 2. I do not always have runoff when I water. It depends on what stage of growth the plant is in.


Thank you @latewood that makes a lot of sense I have them in 4 gallon pots . Will those be good enough for the whole time ? The bottom is still damp when I stick my finger in the drain holes .