When to start regular watering

Okay okay I know I am being stupid and probably just not looking in the right place to find this answer. But @latewood or @Majiktoker @ktreez420 when can I start the regular watering where I get runoff that I can ph test and check ppm . Here is a picture next to a ph bottle can i start watering on a schedule instead of just giving them a little bit daily

oh and are that many under leafs normal or did I fim to early ?

Everything looks good to me!

For watering, I would recommend giving a full watering until there is runoff, and then waiting until the soil has dried until watering again. Some people will know when to water by simply lifting the pot to feel the weight. I’m a hydro grower now, but I started in soil. I had a problem with the soil staying too wet at the bottom of the pot, so I had to wait until it had dried out until watering again. It was a balancing act for me, I didn’t do well in soil.

Guys like @garrigan62 @yoshi are soil guys also and should be able to help you more, along with the guys you tagged already! She looks good though dude, great job so far! :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::v:


Oh yeah she is plenty big enough to start your watering schedule , so there is two ways I would approach this since you using LED lights , giver her a a full gallon of PH water of course and let it drain and get your testing sample from what drains out the bottom okay , than your next watering schedule should be about 2-3 days after depending on Temperture in grow space , than give her a half gallon of PH water and time them both , the full gallon and the half gallon to see how long it takes to dry out in between watering to get a time line established , but as the plant progresses to grow more it will drink and consume water more faster and dry out sooner than now early on in your experiment . Now once you figured out your watering time line from pouring in your PH water from the top , I’ll pour my water in a drain pan the next week in the drain pan and see how long it takes the plant to absorb the water from the bottom which kind of concludes on how much exactly the plant will drink but I do this process in quarter gallons , which I measured off a gallon jug in four quarts and I add one quart until it’s completely absorb to see how much water it will absorb before water is left in the drain pan ,than I start watering that amount each week and repeat that process every two weeks even into flowering but not with nutrient mix , just ph watering only …hope this make sense !!!


Thank you once again @ktreez420,
You can start warring but go easy with it and you can go back to feeding but only 1/4 strength to start and increase over time and you should bep OK.



Thanks guy’s the girls are 29 days old now have been getting 6 ounces of water a day PH of 6.0 I use rain water and adjust PH . Since I am using ocean forest and black gold mixed extra perlite I have only fed once at quarter strength and it resulted in a few brown flecks I think it might have been on the edge of burning them with nutrients. That was a week ago just before I fimmed them then they have really popped out with all kinds of little leafs under the large fans on top . This is fun stuff but a bit nerve racking . Thanks guy’s for all the help and advice I broke my back and several bones a while ago in a nasty fall and this is my hope to stay off opioid dependence so it is important to me and I would have already failed and given up if not for the help and advice you have offered and I really appreciate it more than you know .

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Yup start at 1/4 strength and gradually work up if you feed 1/4 strength in soil feed once a week

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I would feed them 1 TBS. of Liquid Karma for a few weeks.

Yes. You can drench that pot. A bit of friendly advice. I would not and do not myself, worry about measuring run off unless I develop a problem. I have always PH’d my water and solution and made sure solution was at proper ppm level and I fed the plants. I never measure run off unless I develop an issue. :slight_smile: Just sayin’; Don’t over complicate things where you do not have to. Hope this helps.

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Okay back to Amazon for liquid karma is it better than the Fox farm in this

picture I don’t mind buying more products just wondering if this would do the same thing @latewood

Okay them guys got it handled 3-4 days between water feed water making sure there dried out nicely your girls look good

Im a soil guy for now my girls are 25 days the auto flowers

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Those look great mine are not autos just femonized white widows after watering daily waiting three days will feel funny like abuse almost

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Your plants will thank you

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I went 1 quart to half gallon to gallon
5 days seedlings between watering
After two weeks half gallon every 3-4 days
Then on out 1 gallon every 3 days
Works great for me

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@Garrigan62 have you used the new powder nutrients by ILGM nutrients yet , I’m bout to order the Gold leaf package deal with seeds and nutrients and plenty of auto flowers seeds but I want to try the powder nutrients to see how good they work compared to all the others I’ve experience .


No I sure haven’t. But I am gpig to get Auto seeds here in the next week or so.


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Okay @latewood @yoshi @Majiktoker I have liquid karma and Cal- Mag coming on the big brown truck from Amazon And I was wondering if either of these products are prone to burning the plants when I tried to feed the girls a few days ago I did it at 2/3 of a teaspoon of the recommended dose of the Fox Farms 3 teaspoons per gallon the girls grew good but got tiny rust spots so I’m going to hold off on feeding for a week or two . My biggest concern at this point is that Cal-Mag or liquid karma will be over kill sorry to be a knowledge mooch but I have no idea what these products are for . Thanks in advance

Calmag helps balance your nutrient uptake for potash and potassium which gives your plant need calcium and magnesium to help prevent lock out , and keep your plant and soil balance for that lush green color throughout your growing , I have never used liquid karma at all so I have no knowledge of that additive .

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@yoshi thanks bud I appreciate it glad to know I’m not going to have to worry about one more thing that will burn the kids

You do not need CalMag at all. Between the soil and your nutrients, you will have plenty.

Liquid Karma is very gentle; It shows a very low ppm and that is why I recommended it to you. When using amended soil with nutrients in it, you do not need to add any nutrients. Liquid Karma is an additive that adds beneficial organic stress relieving minerals and acids that help develop and provide the plant with a healthy start through the vegetative period.


Cool @latewood thanks for the explanation looks like I will have Cal Mag for the next grow when I have enough confidence in myself to step out on the ledge for my next grow and try one of the other grow mediums than Ocean Forest . I am not sure if I have the constitution for hydroponics or even if there is a different choice between soil and hydro but I’m going to check the Grow Bible and find out about it . Possibly watch tutorials on YouTube but will verify things with you guy’s on here before I try something different. Thanks again

Another thing. Not sure if I told you. It will be anywhere from a month to 2 month before you need to add anything else aside from LK. Just add an @latewood when you need my help. Peace :slight_smile:

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